First Aid and Rescue Squad (PFARS)

About Us

Princeton First Aid and Rescue provides emergency medical and rescue services to the Princeton community. We provide life changing and very meaningful opportunities to our members who provide these services. To save lives, relieve the suffering of the sick and injured, and promote safety. Providing Emergency Medical Service is the Squad’s primary activity. All of our career and volunteer staff members are highly-trained Emergency Medical Technicians and are prepared to deliver care in a wide variety of life-threatening situations, including childbirth, allergic reactions, respiratory emergencies, traumatic injuries, and cardiac arrest. Our EMTs engage in continuing education classes and regular training sessions to ensure they are ready to serve our community with the highest quality care possible. The Princeton First Aid & Rescue Squad specializes in a wide array of technical rescue services. Because of the complexity and risk associated with these types of operations, rescue members participate in extensive certification programs and frequent drills to maximize proficiency and to ensure patient and crew safety. Working side-by-side with our EMTs, rescue technicians utilize specialized equipment to mitigate hazards, rescue patients in distress, and provide life-saving care in medical crises.


Address:2 Mt. Lucas Road

Phone number:609-924-3338

Organization Type:nonprofit

Issue Areas:emergency services

Volunteer Information

Typical Volunteer Opportunities:Ability to become an Emergency Medical Technician if not already one. Ability to provide duty hours, attend meetings and drills. Ability to provide compassionate and professional emergency care to our patients.

Volunteer Website:

Current Volunteer Opportunities:yes

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