Stewed Plums | Dorothea von Moltke


  • 10+ plums, half a lemon, maple syrup to taste; vanilla ice cream or greek yoghurt


There is no way to mess up the proportions on this: it’s all to taste. 10 plums will make about 5 nice servings. If you find the smaller, Italian plums, those are even better, and you’ll want more of them. The riper the better. They can be a little past their prime. 

Pit the plums and cut into pieces. I often just do this with a kitchen knife, cutting pieces straight into the pot without pitting first. If the pieces are very small, the whole thing becomes a sauce, also not tragic. Then squeeze a little lemon on top (to taste), then add a little maple syrup. The plums have a lot of their own sweetness, to a tablespoon will do. Bring it all to a simmer, stirring occasionally until the plums have released some of their liquid. Cover and simmer on very low for another 40 minutes or so. What makes it special?

Often, when I arrive at my mother’s house, she has stewed fruit. Plums are my favorite. If I get there late, it’s a desert and she will serve it over ice cream. If we don’t have it when I get there, I have it for breakfast over greek yoghurt maybe with a bit of granola. 

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Recipe shared by Dorothea von Moltke

Photo courtesy of ‘Maria Siriano’ on the Unsplash photo site

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