Not In Our Town Princeton

About Us

To challenge racism and white supremacy, Not in Our Town Princeton (NIOT) offers opportunities to learn about how these societal blights are maintained and acquire skills to confront them, such as monthly Continuing Conversations on Race and White Privilege, occasional workshops, and book discussions. NIOT advocates for equity in the public schools and other institutions and organizations and annually recognizes student equity leaders with Unity Awards.


Address:P.O. Box 43, Princeton NJ 08542

Phone number:609-462-0421

Organization Type:nonprofit

Issue Areas:equity

Volunteer Information

Typical Volunteer Opportunities:Helping at NIOT events (writing press releases, creating flyers and posters, refreshments, social justice wheel, managing sound, photography/videography), writing letters to the editor about issues and events related to race and discrimination, creating and managing fundraisers, and website and database support.

Current Volunteer Opportunities:yes

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